As a business leader you face growing demands every year. Many are not sure where to turn for couple or who they can even trust. The Bible teaches that God owns everything; He has put us on earth to lead, manage, and steward what He owns, but we are not intended to do this alone. Forums will provide reinforcement, encouragement, coaching, mentoring, and support for you in the leadership of your family, business, and your community.

If you have met with the Legacy Director and Forum leader and have received the code for the online application, WELCOME! Download the Application. It can be filled out and signed electronically by using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Or you may PRINT out the application, fill it out, and send to: 18228 Torrence Ave., Lansing, IL 60438. Do not forget to fill out and sign the Covenants!


To participate in Forums, we ask that you fill out both a Participation Covenant, Confidentiality Covenant, and a Financial Covenant. These covenants are an important part of the application process. You must fill out all three covenants to complete your application. Read each covenant carefully before filling them out and signing them. If you have any questions about the covenants, please call us at 708-474-4744 or email kkoster@legacyleadershipforums.org.

As with the application, these covenants can be filled out and signed electronically by using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Or you may PRINT out the covenants, fill them out, and send to: 18228 Torrence Ave., Lansing, IL 60438.

Forums Information

Welcome to the Forum Members portion of the Legacy website. This is where you can access contact information, host schedules, forum schedules, and other information particular to your forum. To access the information just follow this simple procedure:

  1. Select the region your forum is in
  2. Submit the regional password
  3. Select your forum by name

LLF Core Values

As a member of Legacy Leadership Forums, we understand it is a joy and privilege to steward a business on God’s behalf. It is also our responsibility to represent Him well in everything we do. To that end, Legacy Leadership Forums has established our core values, reminding us what we stand for, who we represent, and to treat each other with respect and dignity. At Legacy Leadership Forums, we strive for the following core values in all areas of life:

  • Live Submitted
  • Sacred Work
  • Holy Relationships
  • Pursue Wisdom

Transforming business leaders into Kingdom leaders

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Business leadership is your calling and vocation, but we were not intended to go it alone. Legacy will journey with you, coaching and encouraging you to live a Legacy through your business. We equip men and women in the marketplace to use their business to affect the lives of others while remaining profitable. In a Forum, business leaders give and receive Godly wisdom and advice on business leadership, relationships, and operations.


The family is the first community God created and it is a sacred community. Our families are our primary spheres of influence, and where we should be deeply influenced ourselves. It is the place we should be most known, loved, and given the most opportunities to give love away. At Legacy, we are committed to helping leaders care for their families. A healthy, loving, God-centered family is the greatest Legacy an individual can have.


While our families are our first and closest community, they are not our only community. God has placed us into larger communities which include our church, our neighborhood, our workplace, and the city we live in. Legacy will encourage and challenge you to look for opportunities where you can lead and serve in these areas. We equip men and women to use their leadership to influence the culture for God and for good.

As the owner of a business, I knew I needed to surround myself with like-minded fellow business owners to share my challenges in a confidential environment. I stepped out and joined a Forum. As expected, Legacy has provided a sounding board for my business issues on a personal level. More profoundly, it has given me a context for understanding my own issues in the context of similar positioned Christian business people. In other words, there are others who share my challenges! I have found so much value in LLF. Don’t stay isolated! Step out and join a Forum!

Steve Slater, Masterlink Concrete Pumping, Burns Harbor, IN

I have gotten myself into trouble thinking my employees understand what sort of responsibilities and risks a business owner carries. I found out the hard way that I needed someone else to run my questions by, someone with similar or more experience in whatever issue I am dealing with. Having other owners or leaders to talk to and test ideas and thoughts with, has been very helpful.  No matter if it is business, family, or spiritual ideas and thoughts, having like-minded and experienced group members have been a help and a relief.

Ken Adair, Adair Enterprises, South Holland, IL

The Forum for me provides me an opportunity to meet monthly with other like minded businessmen who share common goals as it relates to their relationships at home and in the marketplace. Sharing ideas and problems with these guys helps me be a better husband, father, and employer.

Greg Bach, Bach Benefit Group, Hoffman Estates, IL

My participation in Legacy Leadership Forums has helped me to view my business in a different light…It is not just a mechanism to earn a living for my family, but rather a means to further the Lord’s kingdom thru the witness it makes to the world because of the way we treat our employees and customers; as well as the way we use the revenue it generates to fund the Lord’s work here on earth. Legacy Leadership Forums have also given me an avenue for seeking Godly advice regarding business issues from my fellow Forum members that my “non-businessmen” friends simply would not understand.

Gary Dykstra, D & G Electric, Lynwood, IL