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At Legacy, we believe you have a sacred calling as a marketplace leader for Christ’s Kingdom.

We can help you become the leader God is inviting you to be.

A call to something Godly

Your Calling

At Legacy, we understand this sense of calling to be a leader in Christ’s Kingdom. We know it is difficult to find an encouraging community that gets your world and can help you develop your leadership. We can help!

Your invitation to Legacy

You’re Invited

You are invited to meet with us in a small group setting once a month for equipping, encouragement, and inspiration as we guide each other using biblical principles, prayer, and best industry practices.

Find a group neary you


If this resonates with you or piques your curiosity, continue to explore this website. Watch the video below that explains in more detail what a Kingdom Leader is, how that can create a Kingdom Style, and lead to a Kingdom Culture in your business.

Stop doing it alone

Join with us!

We want you to enjoy God’s presence in your life even more than you do now. Stop doing this alone! We want to provide you with a supportive community that gets your world and is as interested in your success as you are.