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Each new season of the year is invigorating, refreshing and holds a blessing none of the other seasons possess.  It reminds me of the variety God has placed in His creation and how change is part of His created order.

We don’t often think of change being part of order;  the two ideas seem opposed to each other.  Some of us find change fun and interesting, others find it risky and maybe even a little frightening, and for many it is a combination of both.  Regardless of how we tend to react, change has always been part of God’s plan for us.

I believe Legacy Leadership Forums is going through a season of change right now.  We have order in our ministry, but there is a shift coming.  Based on our board retreat last month we are entering a new season and we need to get ready for it.  In order to prepare, God is calling LLF to become stronger and more valuable to its members, so we have some internal changes we need to make right away.  This will mean modifying our Forum meeting structure, increasing our moderators responsibilities, and adjusting my priorities as its director. It will also mean a new website, and if you are reading this, you have found us! Welcome!

These changes are being made to prepare for a our vision of  ministry and growth.  Please be in prayer for us as we make these internal shifts.  Change is not easy and while some of us like change we can naturally resist it.  However, God’s order includes changes, and so we are looking forward with anticipation to see what he has in store for us.  I will keep you updated as these changes occur so you can continue to pray with purpose.

Kurt Koster 07/05/2016